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Love Has No Limits

Is your organization, church, or business ready to partner?

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Together, we can bring sustainable impact to our communities. We’ll do it by changing the way we See, Serve, and Solve our community’s problems, then Sustain the impact.

Whether you’re a business, non-profit, or church.

Whether you have a following of 30 or 30,000.

Everyone can be a part of the solution.

Faith Communities &

1. Champion an Initiative for sustainable change.

2. Transform into a Serve Center for 1DayHouston.

3. Mobilize a Team for 1DayHouston.

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Non-Profits &
Humanitarian Organizations

Transform into a Serve Center for 1DayHouston. We’ll supply new volunteers, resources, and connections to add scope and scale to your impact model.

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1. Donate goods and services to reach more Houston families.

2. Financially sponsor initiatives, Serve Centers, or the Stadium event.

3. Mobilize your staff to volunteer together.

Start Today!

If you’re not sure where you fit at the moment, we’d love to talk with you.

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