Be part of the greatest display of love the city of Los Angeles has ever experienced.
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What Can Love Do?

2020, potentially the most divisive year in modern history. Where instead of love and hope, uncertainty and division will dominate the national conversation. In the face of these odds we want to ask a bold question, “What can love do?”. And not just any love, but love that stretches across the lines that divide us. A love with no limits. We believe that love could change a city, inspire a nation and shift the national conversation from what divides us to what brings us all together.



Love Has No Limits is a collaborative movement of organizations from around the world and volunteers from Southern California uniting to provide the greatest display of love the city of Los Angeles has ever experienced.  Starting July 19, 2020, Love Has No Limits will live for an entire year across Los Angeles.

The Timeline
July 19-25, 2020

Phase 1

Launch Week For Southern California Volunteers Only
  • Activate up to 500-1000 Community Champions/Faith Communities to serve LA (during launch week) with a COVID-19 friendly on-site outreach.
  • Abolish up to $47 Million In Medical Debt in LA County
  • Launch Foster Care Support Initiative

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August 2020 – July 2021

Phase 2

A Year of “Love Has No Limits”
  • Launch Foster Care support network for families already fostering
  • Launch a Hope Community in all 35 state prisons in California 
  • Homeless Housing & Rehabilitation Initiative

Launch Foster Care support network for families already fostering  Our Organization is Ready

July 18-24, 2021

Phase 3

  • 20,000 team members traveling in from around the world join LA in serving the city for a full week.
    • Practical Outreach, Youth Outreach, Homeless Outreach, Medical Outreach, Sports Outreach

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Let’s Change

The Conversation

We’ve proven we can unite in crisis. Now, it’s time to unite for a cause. Could we unite for the greatest display of love Los Angeles has ever experienced?

How We’ll Serve Los Angeles


TEAM MEMBERS from across the globe will gather in Los Angeles.


TEAMS will impact hundreds of communities in LA county.


HOURS OF SERVICE to the citizens of LA who need it most.


Register to be equipped with resources to turn your faith community into a Serve Center during July 20-25, 2020.

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