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Hand in hand with county foster care leadership, we’ll activate faith communities to identify loving families to foster and adopt hundreds of kids waiting for a home.

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2021 | What Is Love Has No Limits?
Calling all to be part of the greatest display of love Southern California has ever experienced.
What Can Love Do?

2020 was potentially the most divisive year in modern history. Instead of love and hope, uncertainty and division dominated the national conversation. In the face of these odds, we want to ask a bold question, “What can love do?”. And not just any love, but love that stretches across the lines that divide us. A love with no limits. We believe that love could change a city, inspire a nation and shift the national conversation from what divides us to what brings us all together.



Love Has No Limits is a collaborative movement of organizations from around the world and volunteers from Southern California uniting to provide the greatest display of love the city of Los Angeles has ever experienced. A full year of Love Has No Limits is already underway across Southern California. Scroll down to check out the 7 ways we’re impacting the city we love.

7 Initiatives

This is how we achieve the greatest display of love Los Angeles has ever experienced.
Initiative 1
Transform local faith communities into serve centers.

We’re passionate about seeing faith communities reintroduced to their local neighborhoods as centers of hope and service. Partnering organizations and churches will provide resources, aid and intelligent outreach to families in need.

Initiative 2
Abolish $47 million in medical debt across LA county.

Families across LA county have defaulted on the costs of life saving procedures, and the subsequent debt is holding them back from experiencing financial freedom. Love Has No Limits will wipe the debt from their credit and as a result the creditors stop calling, the bills stop coming in and their family can begin the journey to financial wholeness.

Initiative 3
Give Southern California's most vulnerable children a safe place to call home.

Hand in hand with county foster care leadership, we’ll activate faith communities to identify loving families to foster and adopt hundreds of kids waiting for a home and provide wrap-around support to existing foster families. We’ll establish a permanent family resource warehouse to close open neglect cases due to poverty.

Initiative 4
Reach, rehabilitate, and restore LA's inmates.

There are no federal or state prisons in LA county, so those sentenced in LA are sent all over California. Together with faith leaders, we’ll build a Hope Community, equipped with RAC sentence reducing classes, in all 35 state prisons. Each prison will be connected to a community outside the prison so that when a convict is released they’ll have a healthy support network waiting with open arms to provide practical and emotional solutions for their family.

Initiative 5
Lead homeless individuals into rehabilitation programs.

Partnering with community champions, individuals will be given an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and prevent families on the path to homelessness.

Initiative 6
Ignite a movement of men committed to their families.

By resourcing, educating, and activating the men of Los Angeles, we can help to break the problem cycle that starts with fatherlessness and inspire a new generation of fathers and husbands. From conference events to life-changing resources, men across LA will begin a journey that will shape generations.

Initiative 7

Mobilize a historic team.

We are mobilizing 20,000 team members from across America and Southern California to join the team to serve and love LA for a full week, July 18-24, 2021. Practical, youth, sports, homeless, and medical outreaches will cover every corner of LA for a historic impact. Then on July 24, 2021 we will gather for a moment together in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to celebrate 1 year of LOVE HAS NO LIMITS.

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We’ve proven we can unite in crisis. Now, it’s time to unite for a cause. Could we unite for the greatest display of love Los Angeles has ever experienced?

How We’ll Serve Los Angeles


TEAM MEMBERS from across the globe will gather in Los Angeles.


TEAMS will impact hundreds of communities in LA county.


HOURS OF SERVICE to the citizens of LA who need it most.


Register to be equipped with resources to turn your faith community into a Serve Center during July 18-24, 2021.

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