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About Love Has No Limits

Love Has No Limits unites, empowers, and activates hundreds of churches, NGO’s, community champions, and influencers, alongside tens of thousands of volunteers, to provide sustainable solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our communities.
Love Has No Limits

Guiding Principles

  • Hate isn’t working. It never has, and it never will. Love is our only option.
  • We don’t have to agree on everything to unite around loving and serving our neighbors.
  • The complex challenges facing our cities are best impacted through partnership and strategic collaboration.
  • Local community champions are uniquely positioned to sustainably address the issues in their own community.
  • It’s possible for a community to lay aside its differences – logos, labels, egos, political views, unique backgrounds – to unite around the idea that love can change a city.

Regions of Focus



Los Angeles

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