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About Love Has No Limits

Love Has No Limits (LHNL) is an apolitical, nonpartisan collaboration infrastructure uniting spheres of influence to produce sustainable change across America.

The nation’s cities face deeply entrenched challenges like poverty, homelessness, and an overburdened child welfare system. By rallying businesses, faith communities, nonprofits, government, and thousands of volunteers to team-tackle these issues on an unprecedented scale, LHNL is building models of transformation in key cities that can be replicated across the nation.

Love Has No Limits

Guiding Principles

  • Hate isn’t working. It never has, and it never will. Love is our only option.
  • We don’t have to agree on everything to unite around loving and serving our neighbors.
  • The complex challenges facing our cities are best impacted through partnership and strategic collaboration.
  • Local community champions are uniquely positioned to sustainably address the issues in their own community.
  • It’s possible for a community to lay aside its differences – logos, labels, egos, political views, unique backgrounds – to unite around the idea that love can change a city.
In 2021

When Los Angeles came together for 1DayLA, we saw…


Faith Communities

transformed into centers of hope and help by launching at least one Love Has No Limits Initiative



participated in initiatives through the 1DayLA campaign


Faith Communities

in partnership to help change a city

$47 million

Faith Communities

for 9,908 families in LA County

$4.4 Million

In Goods

distributed across LA County



took the first step to foster, adopt, or care for families in crisis


Stories Captured

of kids ready for adoption – 50% of whom are now in the adoption process


Child CPS poverty-related cases closed

through direct assistance to families at risk of losing their children



care packages distributed to unhoused residents of LA


City Blocks

cleaned, painted, and restored across LA


Families Empowered

throughout the 1DayLA campaign

Our Partners

In Houston, TX
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