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Creating Change Across the Nation

Love Has No Limits (LHNL) is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan collaboration infrastructure uniting spheres of influence to produce sustainable change across America.

Together, we can change the way we see, serve, and solve our community’s problems.

The nation’s cities face deeply entrenched challenges like poverty, homelessness, and an overburdened child welfare system. By rallying businesses, faith communities, nonprofits, government, and thousands of volunteers to team-tackle these issues on an unprecedented scale, LHNL is building models of transformation in key cities that can be replicated across the nation.

Here’s How We Do It

Love Has No Limits partners and unites NGOs, community champions, and influencers, alongside tens of thousands of volunteers to bring sustainable solutions to the greatest challenges facing US cities. Together, we can create new solutions for the long term.

The Movement in America Thus Far


families have been empowered.


organizations partnered.


2,500 families took the first step to foster, adopt, or care for families in crisis.

$65 million

in medical debt forgiven for 43,000 families.

$10 million

in GIK distributed to families in need.


volunteers have joined the movement.

How You Can

Be A Part of Creating Change in Cities

Individual Volunteers

Sign up to learn more about serving in a city near you.

Stay Connected

Faith Communities

Your faith community can partner to bring change in your community.

Get Started


Your non-profit can partner, host an outreach, and/or scale your impact with new volunteers.

Get Started


Be a part of creating change by donating funding or goods and services.

Get Started

Love Has No Limits

Love Has No Limits unites, empowers, and activates hundreds of businesses, NGOs, faith communities, community champions, and influencers, alongside tens of thousands of volunteers, to provide sustainable solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our communities.

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