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Become A Serve Center

Have you committed to partnering as a Serve Center?

What is a

Serve Center?

A Serve Center is a location (local faith community, NGO, school, or commercial business) that utilizes the resources of its campus and local partners to facilitate innovative and scalable outreach to meet a community’s needs. This spring, during 1DayHouston, Serve Centers will be a rallying point for volunteers and execute outreach programs in their community.  The Serve Center campus may either host outreach programs or may function as a meeting point or distribution hub for outreach in the surrounding community.

What is a

Serve Coordinator?

The Serve Coordinator takes lead on every logistical element pertaining to their Serve Center. As a leader to their volunteers, they empower and delegate to create an efficient and organized team. Ultimately, for every item pertaining to the Serve Center, the buck starts and stops with the Serve Coordinator.

Download Serve Center Playbook
The Serve Coordinator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Point of contact with the Love Has No Limits and City Serve team, and the Serve Center outreach volunteers.

Outreach Strategy

Partner with the Love Has No Limits and City Serve team to build the outreach play that is best suited for your Serve Center.

Project Management

Lead your outreach team in the planning, volunteer training, delegation of tasks, and execution of the outreach plays.

Systems Management

Manage all systems related to volunteer recruitment, onboarding, and check-in.

4 Outreach Opportunities

to run at your Serve Center

4 Steps to Start

Download the Serve Center Playbook
Download & Review an Outreach Opportunity
Join a Serve Coordinator Call
Serve Coordinator Call Schedule

Rally Call

This is a monthly call to track progress together and build community with all Serve Centers.

Need help planning? Schedule a call with the Outreach Team.

We’re here to help!

If you have any questions, email:
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