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Give To Love Has No Limits

You can help empower families to overcome obstacles in their life, across Houston.
Partner with us to make history in Houston!

Eliminate $40 million in medical debt.

Help us forgive $40M in Medical Debt for Houstonians this year. Tens of thousands of families across the city have defaulted on the costs of life-saving procedures, and that debt is holding them back from experiencing financial freedom. Love Has No Limits™️ has the ability to purchase this debt for pennies on the dollar. The debt is wiped from their credit and as a result, their family can begin the journey to financial prosperity.

Donate Towards The Cause

Provide essential goods to keep families unified.

Donate to provide essential goods to families in need connected to the Houston Foster Care system. When foster families and bio families have a need like a new bed, new water heater, or refrigerator, we’ll be there to meet the need.

Give Towards The Cause

Donate to build Welcome Kits for Refugees.

Donate to build Welcome Kits for Refugee Families arriving in Houston from Ukraine and Afghanistan. Welcome Kits ensure refugees receive the essentials needed to begin again in their new homes.

Donate Towards The Cause

I want to give towards the entire Love Has No Limits campaign!

Give Online Today!

All donations will go to Love Has No Limits, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and are considered tax-deductible donations (not payments for goods or services) and are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.

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