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Love Has No Limits
Foster Care Adoption Campaign

A Home For Every Child

Over the next nine months, Love Has No Limits is uniting faith communities to transform into Outposts of hope for kids and foster care champions.  Communities will mobilize their greatest families to foster or adopt Southern California’s vulnerable children.


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Faith Communities

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There are over 40,000 children currently in foster care in Southern California and the COVID-19 crisis has made it even tougher.

Without intervention, many kids "stuck in the system" have 5 paths

When they age out of state care...
Path 1


of teens who age out of foster care will be homeless in 2 years.

Path 2


of current prison inmates have spent time in foster care.

Path 3
Early Parenthood


of 21-year-old women who were formerly in the child welfare system are mothers.

Path 4


of teens who age out of foster care have been out of work at some point the last year.

Path 5


of youth recovered in sex trafficking raids in Southern California were in the foster system.


A primary source of Southern California’s biggest problems was the result of an ‘overburdened foster care system?’

3 Challenges. 3 Goals.

Challenge 1

The counties lack families willing to foster or adopt harder to place children (sibling sets, teens, children with disabilities, children who have experienced a lot of trauma, etc.)

Goal 1

Faith Communities will activate families to recruit 5,000 families to say yes to fostering and adopting hard to place children in our system.

Challenge 2

Figures show that the majority of children enter into foster care because of physical neglect or poverty-related issues.

Goal 2

Collect and distribute needed household furniture items through the Love Has No Limits warehouse to quickly serve families in and around the foster system due to poverty-related issues.

Challenge 3

There are thousands of children in our system who are eligible for adoption but are hesitant for a variety of reasons (trauma, fear, disappointment, etc.).

Goal 3

Motivate and prepare children stuck in the system for adoption through significant events that will help them overcome their fears and infuse them with hope in finding a forever family.

A Never Ending Cycle

Across Southern California, a cycle of brokenness has taken root in our families.

The overburdened foster care system is a pipeline of abandoned and broken kids that pour directly into homelessness, drugs, poverty, incarceration, prostitution, human trafficking and injustice.

The Solution

This crisis requires that new families and new faith communities step up. There is no one more equipped. There is no one with a greater capacity to love. Together, we can end the foster care crisis.


I’m interested in Fostering or Adopting

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Faith Communities

We’re interested in becoming an Outpost

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