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Part of the Love Has No Limits foster care initiative

Over the next nine months, Love Has No Limits is uniting faith communities to transform into Outposts of hope for kids and foster care champions.  Communities will mobilize their greatest families to foster or adopt Southern California’s vulnerable children.

There are 3 easy ways for you to make an impact in this crisis.  Share, Care, Foster & Adopt.  Each solution has space for Individuals, Families, and Faith Communities to make a difference.

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There are over 40,000 children currently in foster care in Southern California and the COVID-19 crisis has made it even tougher.

Without intervention, many kids "stuck in the system" have 5 paths

When children age out of state care...
Path 1


of teens who age out of foster care will be homeless in 2 years.

Path 2


of current prison inmates have spent time in foster care.

Path 3
Early Parenthood


of 21-year-old women who were formerly in the child welfare system are mothers.

Path 4


of teens who age out of foster care have been out of work at some point the last year.

Path 5


of youth recovered in sex trafficking raids in Southern California were in the foster system.

Another Path
You can provide another path!
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A primary source of Southern California’s biggest problems was the result of an ‘overburdened foster care system?’

A Never Ending Cycle

Across Southern California, a cycle of brokenness has taken root in our families.

The overburdened foster care system is a pipeline of abandoned and broken kids that pour directly into homelessness, drugs, poverty, incarceration, prostitution, human trafficking and injustice.

The Solution

This crisis requires that new families and new faith communities step up. There is no one more equipped. There is no one with a greater capacity to love. Together, we can end the foster care crisis.


Faith communities will activate thousands of families to begin the process to foster the multitude of children entering the foster care system and adopt those kids who are stuck and waiting for a forever family.

Carry The Cause

with Love Has No Limits

1. Share

Share the vision with your friends and followers.

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2. Care

Step up to care for families in crisis in your community. LHNL will connect you with families that need support and blessing.

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3. Foster & Adopt

Change the life of a child by becoming a source of hope and support.

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